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  • Welcome to Sweetrocks Accessories! I have been into fashion and accessories as long as I can remember.  My Grandmother (Elizabeth Dorothy) had a vast collection of wigs and jewels that I use to play in.  She always told me “You should always own one nice piece of jewelry.”  My Mom (Deborah) gifted me a diamond ring in the 6th grade. I still have this ring and wear it often.

    Grandma and Ma


    I have always been fascinated with designers and their stories creating collections, inspiration and the process from dreaming the creation to the finished product. I majored in apparel design in college and dreamed of one day having a bridal collection.  My career took several different paths and I used my knowledge (and degree) unconventionally in the jobs I have held.  Still that passion for fashion and accessories always lingered in my soul.  In 2010, I was traveling the country as a spokes model for automotive industry.  I would find boutiques everywhere I went and purchased accessories. So much, that many of my friends and co workers would always ask to see what I purchased or what new ring I found.  I decided to take my buying skills on the road and create Sweetrocks. I purchased pieces from all over the country and sold them in my hotel room and set up small shows at friends’ houses.  This was also the time Swarovski Crystal was huge!!! Everything was sparkle. I started making custom sparkle pieces, from jewelry to belt buckles to shoes. You name it, I Blinged it!

    Braylon Edwards 2008 Espy Awards Blinged Bow Tie, Belt Buckle and Epaulets

    I then decided to move across the country, I just could not handle another Midwest winter.  In getting adjusted to my new home in sun and sand, Sweetrocks got put on hold for a bit. Well, now it’s back and better then ever.  You will see pieces designed by me and curated pieces throughout the collection.  I hope you enjoy wearing them as much as I enjoy finding and creating them.


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