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    Alejandra G Inspiring Woman

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    Since launching her first collection in Winter of 2012, Alejandra G. has fascinated the fashion world with her brilliant mix of textures, colors and drop-dead glamour, which makes her shoes identifiable, exclusive and daring. Alejandra G., has brought her collections to life with hard work and genuine passion. Behind all of the exquisite designs is brilliance that must be appreciated. Composed of exotic printed leathers and eye-catching colors, Alejandra’s collections are not only luxurious and innovative; they are inspired by the European trends she was exposed to while she attended school in Milan, Italy. Her shoes are must-haves for celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Cara Delevingne, Carrie Underwood, Gina Rodriquez, Tyra Banks, Giuliana Rancic, Adrienne Bailon, Jasmine Villegas, Christina Milian and Whitney Port.

    Alejandra, a Los Angeles native who was inspired by her father’s strong work ethic, eventually set out to travel the globe and master the art of shoe design. She always believed that that shoes were the “heart and sole” to every woman’s outfit, which inspired her to sketch her own shoe designs. Branching out and connecting with others in the fashion world was second nature for the aspiring designer. The desire to become a contributor to the fashion industry led to a meeting with the well-respected Joe Ouaknine, a shoe industry magnate and the owner of Titan Industries.

    As a mentor for the young shoe enthusiast, Ouaknine encouraged Alejandra to develop sketches that were breathtaking, bold and brilliant. In order to further her studies in the realm of footwear construction and design, Alejandra attended one of the top design schools in the world, Ars Sutoria in Milan, Italy.

    Alejandra has perfected the craft of designing a woman’s shoe to be not only stunning, but very comfortable. Graduating with a degree from Ars Sutoria as a technical modelist, Alejandra mastered the fitting of a woman’s foot to create an extremely comfortable shoe. Alejandra graduated at the top of her class, which ultimately led her to become an established shoe designer.

    Alejandra’s collections have been globally coveted for beautiful craftsmanship, detail and fearless designs. Alejandra G. has impressed the fashion industry with her mix of textures, colors and versatile beauty, which makes her collection exclusive, timeless and most-of-all daring.

    Thank you Alejandra G. (#alejandrag) for being an Inspiring Woman!

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