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    Ryan Elizabeth Pack

    Today’s Woman Ryan Elizabeth Spikes

    Ryan Elizabeth Spikes MIRIPA Consulting, LLC – CEO and Lead consultant MIRIPA Properties – Treasures and Investment Specialist.  1 thing you do everyday that contributes to your daily well-being? Everyday I meditate for a minimum of 10 minutes. I use...

    Todays Woman Dara Munson

    Today’s Woman Dara Munson

    Dara Munson CEO, Chicago Child Care Society What is your area of expertise? Non-Profit leadership and philanthropy One thing you do everyday the contributes to your well-being? Express gratitude Any organizations or charity you support or involved in you would...

    Today's Woman Rochelle Webb

    Today’s Woman Rochelle Webb

    Rochelle Webb CEO of Optimist Made – Fashion SHE-preneur, executive, boss babe, @rochellewebb @optimistmade What is your passion? I am passionate about making the world a better place and gifting those that crave a global experience, a chance to have...

    Todays Woman Lorri Lewis

    Today’s Woman Lorri Lewis

    Lorri Lewis What is your passion? I’m passionate about helping people, which has contributed to my success as an Educator AND Wedding Coordinator 1 thing you do every day that contributes to your daily well-being? Meditation and Prayer (in that...

    Sue Mello

    Today’s Woman Sue Kellogg

    Sue Mello Current occupation Being present in the day to day things I missed out on when I was pushing to fulfill a dream. I’m enjoying putting my family first, and relishing in the little things like chauffeuring my daughter...

    Today's Woman Tanesha Stephens Taylor

    Today’s Woman Tanesha Stephens Taylor

    Tanesha Stephens Taylor Owner of Quest Allstar Athletics  Pontiac School District Admin Assistant Facilitator for Oakland County Sheriff Pal Cheer, Dance and Tumble facilitator (Coach of The Year)  1 thing you do every day that contributes to your daily well-being?...

    Chevy Laurent Yoga

    Today’s Woman Chevy

    Chevy Fitness Professional – SoulCycle Instructor, Yoga Instructor @YogaRida, website: YOGARIDA What is your passion? I’m passionate about helping others “live their best life” each and every day.  I’m particularly passionate about helping women feel stronger within their physical bodies,...

    Todays Woman Crystal Hayes

    Today’s Woman Crystal Hayes

    Crystal Hayes Occupation Founder and CEO of a tech startup (app) called TalentExchange www.thetalentexchange.com   What is your passion? Making an impact on culture and the people around me has always driven me on a daily basis.  I want to...

    Todays Woman Beth Griffith

    Today’s Woman Beth Griffith

    Beth Griffith Occupation: Professional Singer/Entertainer www.bethalwayssings.com What is your passion? Singing with all my heart ❤ Glimpse into your personal life? Well, many don’t know that I’m the primary caregiver to my Mom who suffered a stroke almost 2 years...

    Todays Woman Juliette

    Today’s Woman Juliette Ferrara

    Juliette Ferrara Sales Development Director at Pandora What is your passion? Helping other people, knowing I made someone’s day easier, better, more fun, etc. fuels me. What is your area of expertise? Marketing and Advertising 1 thing you do everyday...

    Today's Woman Tamalin Srisook

    Today’s Woman Tamalin Srisook

    Tamalin Srisook CEO and Founder Savior Agency @savoircollab What is your passion? Getting women to believe in themselves. “Creating the Boys Club but made of women.” One thing you would tell your teenage self? I would tell my teenage self...

    Todays Woman Jill Higgins

    Today’s Woman Jill Edwards

        Jill Edwards Exercise Physiologist and Nutrition Expert www.plantbasedmovement.com What is your passion? I am a passionate advocate for a Whole Foods, Plant-Based diet to heal the body, prevent animal suffering, and nurture the planet. 1 thing you do...

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