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  • Sue Mello

    Today’s Woman Sue Kellogg

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    Sue Mello

    Current occupation

    Being present in the day to day things I missed out on when I was pushing to fulfill a dream. I’m enjoying putting my family first, and relishing in the little things like chauffeuring my daughter around, or making sure my husband has enough bacon in the house ;0)

    What is your passion? 

    I know how cliche’ this answer is going to sound, but so be the truth…..I’m passionate about being the mother my daughter needs me to be. I’ve embraced the knowledge, life is not about us alone, but about helping others grow beyond their known capability. I pray to God I’m giving her what she needs to be her best version, for our future society. 

    What is your area of expertise? 

    I believe I’m an excellent learner in any format. However, this does not mean I succeed in everything! I take on the responsibility to learn, and be better. I’ve been known to ask many questions. Sometimes I will ask the same question twice if the answer is not sinking in! It’s a blessing and a curse really, as I truly want to be the best I can be, and that can be exhausting at times!

    Best advice you ever received?

    My friend, and now husband, once questioned me regarding an employment decision. He challenged me by asking “What makes you think you CAN’T do this?” That word “can’t”….it will stop you every time. Our family chooses not to use that word, because we are capable of anything we put our minds and hearts into. We define our level of success, and push until we know we CAN. If you ever meet me, you’ll see how strong I believe in this. I wear a bracelet every day stating I Can.

    One thing you would tell your teenage self?

    I would eagerly share with my teenage self, to keep expectations limited to yourself. That saying there are people in your life for seasons and reasons holds so much truth, and with hardly anything personal attached to it. Life really is ok, if we just remember it’s not about us as individuals. 

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