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    Today’s Woman Ryan Elizabeth Spikes

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    Ryan Elizabeth Spikes

    MIRIPA Consulting, LLC – CEO and Lead consultant

    MIRIPA Properties – Treasures and Investment Specialist. 

    1 thing you do everyday that contributes to your daily well-being?

    Everyday I meditate for a minimum of 10 minutes. I use an app to help me with the process as meditation is a learned art. I can truly tell the difference in my attitude and my productivity if I miss my morning meditation. If I find myself stressed during the day, there are short meditation I can do.

    Glimpse into your personal life?

    I am a married mother of two biological boys, 14 and 2, and a bonus daughter who is 12. I am currently learning how to maintain my dreams while supporting by husband’s military career that has moved us to Germany. It has been a huge change for me, but well worth it. I run two small businesses, Consulting and Real Estate Investing. I enjoy what I do, but I am looking to expand my services. The move to Germany is the first time I truly understood what it was like to be intimidated and out of control. I have learned how to pour into my family in my time of need and lean on others. That is something very hard for entrepreneurs. I have expanded this into business and been able to scale by allowing others to complete task.

    Any organizations or charity you support or involved in you would like to mention?

    I support my all women’s college, Spelman College, my sorority’s educational foundation, and my church’s initiatives to care for those less fortunate every year with a financial gift. I try to support other women individually. I like to support small women-owned business owners regardless of their venture, if able, I buy their products…without asking for a discount.

    One thing you would tell your teenage self?

    I would go back and tell my teenage self that there is no such thing as creating a goal, achieving it and being “there”. There is only one way to “finish” in life and most people try to avoid that at all cost. If your goals are not living and breathing, dynamic, or flexible, they are not realistic. All success is temporary without continued work. So, when you think you’re “there”, take a moment to enjoy your success and a pat yourself on the back, but make that moment short and start planning your next steps during the quiet hours. 

    Best advice you ever received?

    There are two quotes I live by….1. The opportunity of a lifetime is only available during the lifetime of the opportunity. And 2. She turned her can’ts in to cans and her dreams into plans.

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