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  • Todays Woman Dara Munson

    Today’s Woman Dara Munson

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    Dara Munson

    CEO, Chicago Child Care Society

    What is your area of expertise?

    Non-Profit leadership and philanthropy

    One thing you do everyday the contributes to your well-being?

    Express gratitude

    Any organizations or charity you support or involved in you would like to mention?

    Chicago Child Care Society www.cccsociety.org and the  Eastern Michigan University Foundation https://www.emich.edu/foundation/

    Share an Ah ha moment?

    When I learned the difference between joy and happiness.  Happiness tends to be circumstantial, but joy transcends any situation or circumstance.

    Joy comes from within and it can powerfully move you beyond any situation that may appear to be negative.

    One thing you would tell your teenage self?

    To be bolder and stand up for myself. To give myself a voice when it mattered most. Oh! And to smile more.


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