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  • Today's Woman Tamalin Srisook

    Today’s Woman Tamalin Srisook

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    Tamalin Srisook

    CEO and Founder Savior Agency @savoircollab

    What is your passion?

    Getting women to believe in themselves. “Creating the Boys Club but made of women.”

    One thing you would tell your teenage self?

    I would tell my teenage self to seek validation within and listen to my intuition

    What is your area of expertise?

    Experiential events and Marketing.

    Tell us about your current business?

    As a mother, female activist and veteran entrepreneur, I launched Savior Agency to support women-led businesses and inspire them to step into their greatness. At Savior, we are dedicated to creating lasting bonds between our clients and their customers based on authenticity and a desire to connect in real life. My mission is to create opportunities for true collaboration in which my daughter and future generations of women can benefit from to reach farther than they ever thought possible. All women can soar when they support each other.


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