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  • Todays Woman Juliette

    Today’s Woman Juliette Ferrara

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    Juliette Ferrara

    Sales Development Director at Pandora

    What is your passion?

    Helping other people, knowing I made someone’s day easier, better, more fun, etc. fuels me.

    What is your area of expertise?

    Marketing and Advertising

    1 thing you do everyday that contributes to your daily well-being?

    I do something active, somedays it’s a game of tag with my kids or others it’s an hour long session at OTF- just need to get moving.

    Glimpse into your personal life?

    #mylifewithboys- I am a working mom of two beautiful but crazy boys (4 and 5) and married to my best friend- our days our long, our house is a mess, but we are very blessed.

    One thing you would tell your teenage self?

    Be yourself and SLOW DOWN.  Don’t worry so much.


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