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  • Todays Woman Crystal Hayes

    Today’s Woman Crystal Hayes

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    Crystal Hayes


    Founder and CEO of a tech startup (app) called TalentExchange



    What is your passion?
    Making an impact on culture and the people around me has always driven me on a daily basis.  I want to leave this earth in a better place than when I got here.

    One thing you do daily that contributes to your daily well-being?

    Taking a bubble bath at the end of my day contributes to my well-being.   When I am soaking, I reflect on how my day went, I read my devotions and focus and what I have to be grateful for.

     Share an A HA moment?

    I recently had an Ah ha moment.  Over the course of the past few months I have been working on meditation and raising my frequency to a place of peace, happiness, and less resistance, and in doing so,
    I realized that I just don’t have enough fun.  So, I have made it my pledge to start slowing down enough to enjoy the small gifts we take for granted in life.
    I knew it was working when I was playing with my son and his friend the other day and I let out a good gut laugh and my son’s friend said “Ms. Crystal, I have never heard you laugh before.”
    I thought, Ah ha-its working!

    One thing you would tell your teenage self?

    I would tell myself “there is no race in life”.  As you get older you will see how fast time flies by.  “Work hard but play hard.”
    “At the end of your life, you don’t get to go back and look around as you are striving for success”.  “You need to live in the moment and enjoy the journey.”

    Best advice you ever received?

    My good friend and mentor always used to say-

    “The best investment you can make is in the life of another human being” -Elizabeth McGhee (REST IN PEACE).  

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