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    Fitness Professional – SoulCycle Instructor, Yoga Instructor @YogaRida, website: YOGARIDA

    What is your passion?

    I’m passionate about helping others “live their best life” each and every day.  I’m particularly passionate about helping women feel stronger within their physical bodies, because often when we feel stronger physically, we are suddenly more capable of recognizing our own emotional and mental strength as well.  Once we are truly willing to accept that we, as women, are strong, powerful, and important, there truly is no stopping us, individually and collectively!

    What is your area of expertise?

    I have earned both my Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Communications from Loyola Marymount University and the University of Southern California respectively.  I even attended Pepperdine Law School.  But after spending over a decade in corporate marketing and sales, I decided it was time to follow my heart and take a leap of faith to pursue my passion for fitness and helping others. So, I quit my corporate career at an international pharmaceutical company to become a fitness professional. Although it was scary to leave behind the financial and emotional stability that I had become accustomed to, I took a chance on me, and I have never regretted making that decision.  Currently I work full time in fitness.  I’m a certified Registered Yoga teacher currently teaching at Hot8 Yoga in Manhattan Beach California, a SoulCycle Instructor, a Studio Tone It Up Trainer, and a certified Personal Trainer.

    1 thing you do every day that contributes to your daily well-being?

    One thing I do daily that really contributes to my well-being is I commit to showing myself at least 1 act of self-love daily.  I believe that it’s critical to take some time out for me.  Honestly, it’s amazing how running from studio to studio, to share your energy with others can be so beautiful and magical, and energizing, and yet it can be physically and mentally exhausting at the same time.  So I try to take whatever time I have on a given day to just breathe… and to just be me… whether its 5 minutes of meditating in my car, a 20 minute bubble bath, or an hour to just cross train/workout for myself… I’m committed to practicing self-love every day.

    Glimpse into your personal life?

    I live in Los Angeles with my amazing husband of going on six years.  We are “mom and dad” to our “fur-baby” a long-haired Chihuahua named Hiro.

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