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    June Ambrose Inspiring Woman

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    The name June Ambrose is synonymous with a level of taste and success that few in the fashion industry possess.She’s a creative director, author, costume designer, celebrity stylist, #Rockmom and social media maven, who has forged a career thanks to her fierce and fearless spirit.

    That fearlessness got Ambrose her start at Uptown/MCA Records, helped her kickoff a career in styling, and inspired her to create some of the most iconic images we’ve seen in hip-hop, fashion and beyond.

    And now, with a career that spans over two decades Ambrose has left an indelible mark as a style architect who’s been able to touch music, television, design, lifestyle, publishing and social media.

    As a celebrity stylist Ambrose was extremely influential during a time when the impact of hip-hop culture was yet to be fully felt. She successfully masterminded and created a narrative different than the one that society was telling.

    Case in point, she designed and put Missy Elliot in the unforgettable patent leather-and- vinyl suit seen in “The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)” video. She was the one who dressed P. Diddy and Mase in those eye-catching metallic suits. She was behind the street-chic looks in Hype Williams’ cult classic film ‘Belly.’ And she is most definitely the woman who helped Jay Z become the fashion icon he is today.

    With over 200 music videos under her belt and multiple world tours, it’s no wonder that Vibe has called her a “visionary,” New York Magazine dubbed her a “modern-day hip-hop Holly Golightly,” W has labeled her rap’s own Edith Head, and The Coveteur has referred to her as the” heart and soul of the fashion styling world.”

    With a sharp sartorial eye and a wealth of knowledge, Ambrose was motivated to share her wisdom with the masses and penned Effortless Style (Simon & Schuster Publishing), every woman’s guide to being chic.

    Able to relate to the everyday woman, while remaining an aspirational figure, Ambrose encourages her social media community (aka her #Juniverse) to go after their dreams and look fierce at the same time. And lest you believe her influence stops at style, she’s also expanded into the food and fitness markets. Coining the hashtag #RockMomChronicles, June takes her followers along as she offers a transparent look at what it means to be a businesswoman, wife, and mother of two, who can whip up nutritious meals and hit the gym before most have even opened their eyes for the day.

    Thank you June Ambrose (#juneambrose) for being an Inspiring Woman!

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