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    Pnina Tornai Inspiring Woman

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    Pnina Tornai Sweetrocks Inspiring Woman

    Pnina Tornai is an Israeli fashion and wedding dress designer, reality and daytime TV personality. Tornai has made a name for herself by being featured with her wedding gowns on TLC’s reality television show Say Yes to the Dress that airs in over 145 countries worldwide. For the last decade Tornai has been the top seller at Kleinfeld Bridal.

    After Tornai’s time in Paris, she returned to Israel with her son. She opened a small store in Tel Aviv, with only one seamstress to help her. The two began creating day and evening gowns. Tornai began making wedding dresses in 1992, when a woman asked if she could make her a wedding dress that mirrored an evening gown that she had seen in the shop window. Tornai accepted the challenge, and when the woman got married, the photos of their wedding made the front page of an Israeli newspaper. When other brides-to-be saw the picture, they came to Tornai asking if she could replicate the dress, which then launched her career. Tornai turned her store into a wedding dress salon.

    In 2005, Tornai first showed her dresses to Kleinfeld Bridal, but her designs were initially rejected by the famous bridal salon for being too sexy. Tornai did not give up, and slightly altered her dresses and returned a while later. When she returned, one of her dresses caught the eye of many, and she soon became one of Kleinfled’s wedding dress designers.A Pnina Tornai bridal boutique was then opened in-store for Tornai’s dresses. After only two years she became the store’s top vendor. Tornai is the only designer to have her own boutique within Kleinfeld. Women from all over the world travel to meet with Tornai at her boutique inside Kleinfeld, New York. She takes a personal interest in each and every one of her brides, and feels truly honored to be dressing them on the most important day of their lives.

    Tornai now spends two weeks out of every month in New York City, where she meets with clients to help make the dress of their dreams and also holds monthly trunk shows. Although she has hired seamstresses since the start, she still has a say in every dress that is sold. Along with visiting the New York City store, she spends the rest of her time traveling and visiting her other stores. Her creations are sold around the world, including the United States, Canada, Bahamas, Israel, Italy, Greece, Germany, Croatia, Angola, South Korea, and China.

    Much of Tornai’s design inspiration comes from her travels to exotic places where she takes in new cultures and beautiful surroundings, and is able to “see things differently, as though I am experiencing them for the very first time.”

    Tornai includes her family in her business; her husband, David Levinshtein,is her business manager; her sister, Kochav, is her makeup artist; and her son is her graphic designer. Tornai creates dresses while she is dreaming. She works hard to bring out the “inner princess” in every bride, which inspires the fabrics she uses and her designs. 

    The Pnina Tornai product line has expanded to include footwear, accessories, headpieces, jewelry and fragrance, all befitting the brand’s couture aesthetic .She recently added evening gowns and kaftans to her collection.

    Thank you Pnina Tornai (#PninaTornai) for being an Inspiring Woman!

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