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    Pridefully Yours

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    Pridefully Yours

    By Terrell Renee


    Instagram @terrellrenee

    I knew everything after a hug.
    Not a kiss… Not sex… Not 50 dates or 5 years later………..
    A hug!

    Terrell and Jasmine

    An innocent, warm embrace turned into lifetimes of lovers, flickering through my mind like a flip book. A warm, welcoming hug, became two bodies molding into one. We didn’t see it coming, and it was un-ignorable. There was no turning away, or unfeeling feels. There was no acting like we didn’t just turn into one flesh for the moments we physically connected. There was no walking away from what felt like perfection…. so we went with it!

    I knew from the moment we reconnected, seven months after we first met, that there was something about her, I wasn’t going to be able to shake. There were several moments where I told myself, to stop talking, stop feeling, and stop falling… It would be easier that way! I tried to keep looking in the direction of which I already was, but it wasn’t her.

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