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  • BE Confident Black Agate Mala

    What is a Mala?

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    Meaning of a Mala

    A Mala is used for keeping count while reciting, chanting, or mentally repeating a mantra. A traditional Mala contain 108 smooth beads with a knot between each bead. Mala’s have made there way to mainstream fashion, but still hold true to the basic meaning. It’s a common belief that when Mala’s are used regularly for meditation and repeating mantras, they absorb the vibrations of the practice. So the more you wear it, the more positive energy it absorbs and reflects back.

    In the Be Collection, each silhouette has a mantra engraved on one side. Mala beads used in the collection are Black Agate, Crystal Quartz and White Jade, all which have positive and healing properties. In the Love + Peace + Health collection, the Mala is accompanied with a positive mental or health mantra. Studies have shown when you are experiencing positive emotions like joy, contentment, and love, you will see more possibilities in your life.

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    • Deborah Whiting

      Beautiful collection. I love my Mala necklaces. So versatile. Looking forward to purchasing some of the other pieces.

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